NEIP CEO Engages India Government And Businessmen To Invest In Ghana

The Chief Executive Officer of National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme has engaged government businessmen and investors in India to take interest in partnering Ghanaian businesses to invest and create jobs in Ghana.

Lawyer John Kumah who represented the Minister of Business Development, Alhaji Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Awal at The 9th Vibrant Gujarat Trade Show, took the opportunity to meet with government officials and businessmen to call on them to partner Ghanaian Businessmen and also invest in the Ghana.

Lawyer Kumah in a meeting with the Member of parliament of Surendranagar and organizers of Gujarat Trade show, exposed Ghana investment opportunities to them.

“The discussion has gone well and Ghana will soon partner with some Gujarat officials to organise a global entrepreneurship summit in Ghana. The summit will bring in many businesses around the world, especially India to explore opportunities in Ghana and partner with local firms.

He said “I met with the chairman of the organizing committee of the 2019 Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, Hon. Kamlesh Gohil and the Member of Parliament (MP) of Surendranagar Gujarat,Hon. Thakor Devjibhai G. Fatepara., Hon. Rajiv Shah, Member of State level committee of Gujarat Government among other high ranking state officials”

The state of Gujarat sponsored entrepreneurs and Business oriented personalities and organizations to take part in the Vibrant Gujarat Trade Show.

The Ghana entourage included officials from the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan-NEIP under the Ministry of Business Development led by the CEO, John Kumah.

The people of India for that matter Gujarat are natural business people. They showcased and linked investors to business from Ghana and other countries. We very optimistic that this trip will bring immense benefit to Ghana.

According to CEO of NEIP, his outfit and the Ministry of Business Development will take this further to help businesses and entrepreneurs in Ghana benefit from this relationship with the people Gujarat

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