Artisanal skills are gradually becoming extinct due to the misconception that the sector is for school dropouts and people who did not excel in basic education.

There are efforts by both government and the private sector to revive the sector but the introduction of free senior High school has worsened the already bad situation since that sector is seen as a preserve for those who were not able to make it to Senior High School.

Thinkhub, a private business incubation hub is set to revive the sector under it’s programme known as the Skills Job Centre-SJC.

The SJC seeks to train, mentor, and fund entrepreneurs in the Technical and Vocational Education Training(TVET) area. The program also develops an APP where members will be linked to prospective clients for their services. Thinkhub is calling on entrepreneurs in these areas

University of Ghana to launch Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme (UGClick on the link to register.

Are you an Artisan or in the Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET)? Register with Think HUB Ghana under the Skills Jobs Centre Project-SJC. The skills job centre project opens an endless opportunity to artisans in various vocation.

We take our artisans through refresher courses, training, mentoring, entrepreneurship skills and funding. We also link our members to prospective client who may need their services through our skills job centre APP.

SJC is a programme by Think Hub. Our focus is on Artisan skills, Employable skills, Entrepreneurial Skills. These areas are gradually becoming extinct due to less attention.
At SJC we train, mentor, and fund Technical, Vocational and Education Training.

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