NEIP Fund (Module 4)

This fund would be a privately managed fund but under the supervision and management of NEIP and the Ministry for Business Development. The capital under this fund would be raised through Government support, grants for International agencies and from the Private sector.

A committee of Fund managers would be put together to manage this fund which would be given to businesses that have gone through our Training, Mentorship and Accelerated program from our Innovation and Incubation hubs.
Funds allocated would be dependent on ones business, the capacity to manage the funds and the business ability to generate and pay back. The funds would be both Grants and Loans with zero or very low interest rate to cushion businesses to grow.

The major focus of all the modules under NEIP is to at least bring 20,000 SMEs and Start-ups into relatable space of growth, Provide funding for 5000 businesses and SMEs and create 500,000 direct and indirect jobs along the various value chains within the 4 years.