NEIP Industrialization Plan (Module 3)

SETTING UP OF INDUTRIAL SUB-CONTRATING EXCHANGE to link large industries in the supply chain process. These small Businesses and Start-ups will become the supply chain for goods and service to feed the large industries.

Under this module, there will be a provision of Subsidised Industrial/ Machining workshops for young entrepreneurs to develop prototypes and or produce to fill orders.

The NEIP Industrialization Plan has an objective to build 26 small to medium scale industries that will be looking at key thematic areas in the Agro sector and other key sectors of the economy. These small factories apart from being operated as a profitable venture, will also be used as a training centre for the youth with diverse skills of interest so that after the practical training, they can also be in a position to be set up and supported.

Examples of some of the small factories:

  • Fruit And Vegetable Juice Processing Factory
  • Soap Factory
  • Briquette Factory (Coconut Husk For Organic Farming)
  • Cocoa Pod Processing Factory
  • Palm Oil Processing Plant

  • Cassava Processing Factory To Process Starch, Flour, Gari, Cassava Chips And For Brewing Alcohol.
  • Shea Butter Factory
  • Brick And Tile Factory
  • Fish And Livestock Feed Processing Unit
  • Food Canning Industry

All these sectoral industries have huge demand for its outputs, but most of the outputs of these industries are being done in a very small informal manner and the Ministry Through NEIP intends to transform these to become centres of excellence and training.

Under these project Access to market is already provided for each of the industries that is to be set up. Off-taker agreements would be signed before production commences.

the NEIP Greenhouse Estate Project. As part of the process of modernizing Agriculture and to make agriculture attractive to the youth and the graduate, the Ministry is embarking on the Biggest Greenhouse Estate in Africa. Currently we have installed 75 greenhouse domes at the Dawhenya irrigation site in the Greater Accra Region. It is our plan to build 1000 greenhouse across the ten regions of Ghana providing 10,000 direct jobs annually through the greenhouse project.

This project also has huge economic benefit to the Nation bringing in an annual revenue of GHs150,080,000 if we install all the 1000 domes with 100 domes per region.