Programme Overview

  • The NEIP Enterprise Programme is a 1 year fully comprehensive entrepreneurship programme.
  • The programme is designed to support & stimulate the growth of Ghana’s most promising entrepreneurs on their enterprise journey
  • 7000 youth will be engaged over one month of entrepreneurship training
  • 500 entrepreneurs will further be engaged over 1 year with seed funding and business support services

Programme Objectives

The overall objective of the programme is to provide integrated, nationwide support for start-ups and small businesses.




Investor Readiness

Co-working space

Advisory Services

Pitch Training

Business Planning

This is aimed to focus on the provision of business development services, business incubators, and funding for youth-owned businesses. This objective is in line with the Ghana Shared Growth & Development Agenda.

Entrepreneur Journey

The one year entrepreneur journey will consist of 3 components . Each cycle will focus on 3 core themes:

Programme Design

  • These Programmes will consist of 3 components
  • A curriculum will be taught during the Enterprise Pathway component to 7000 youth
  • Entrepreneurs will need to take their learnings and apply to the remaining two components
  • 500 participants will be incubated and provided support including funding
  • Follow on stages will have masterclasses, funding, coaching, networking and business development services

Enterprise Pathway (Learning)

Enterprise Club (Connecting)

Incubation (Growing)

Seed Capital

  • 500 entrepreneurs will receive seed funding of up to GHC100,000
  • Release of the funds will be staggered and conditional upon achievement of key milestones and demonstration of need
  • The milestones will be aligned with the learning modules and phases of the programme journey
  • Entrepreneurs will be given the opportunity to pitch for additional funding from a variety of sources: philanthropists, foundations, investors, VC
  • The fund will be interest free credit to the entrepreneurs.
  • In some cases, they will receive technical support rather than physical cash


  • Business Incubation hubs will be identified and trained to be the main intermediaries and business support providers
  • Hubs will be selected from across Ghana and clustered based on their existing strengths and resources
  • Clusters will be:-  Foundation-  Intermediate-  Advanced
  • Entrepreneurs will be assigned to the Hubs to train, incubate and support
  • Entrepreneurs will be assigned based the stage of business; idea, start-up or growth stage to these hubs

Entrepreneurs Selection

  • 7000 entrepreneurs who have applied to the programme will be trained by the British Council in partnership with advanced hubs with basic business and financial literacy skills. There will also be business idea validation and creative clustering during this period

  • The programme will select and support 500 entrepreneurs / enterprises, from the 7000, over a 1 year period

  • NEIP will assign the selected entrepreneurs to the hubs based on their level/stage and geographic location

Hub Engagement

  • In order to effectively deliver the programme nationwide. NEIP will engage enterprise hubs who have the required expertise and capabilities
  • Hubs will be responsible for training, growth, readiness assessment, business support and ongoing coaching and mentoring
  • NEIP has already selected a number of Hubs nationwide who meet the criteria needed to support prospective entrepreneurs. British Council will assess and validate the hubs before on-boarding
  • All Hub financial and technical assistance will be administered by NEIP

Hub Requirements

For effect delivery and use of resources, the Hub Partners will be categorized into the following groups

Each group will be responsible for entrepreneurs at different stages




  • Training rooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Facilitators
  • Stationery
  • Internet
  • Co-working space
  • Event space
  • Business Coaching
  • Mentors
  • Maker equipment
  • Laptops/ Desktops
  • Office space
  • Maker space (Welding, moulding, electrical)
  • Access to Networks Access to funders/investors
  • Design Equipment (3D printers, design software)
  • High speed internet

Programme Support

The British Council will provide technical support in:

Content Customization/ Standardization

Training of Trainers/ Basic Training

Hub Assessment/ Validation

M&E Plan

Programme Support

The British Council will provide technical support in:

  • Network with other Hubs

  • Technical Content Acquisition

  • M&E Framework

  • Programme Plans & Guidelines

  • Capabilities Assessment

  • Knowledge Sharing

Enterprise Support Services

At the start of the programme each business idea will undergo a diagnostic and validation exercise. In addition to this, the programme will provide a continuous support structure to enable enterprises grow sustainably. The latter will be for the 500 enterprises shortlisted for funding and additional support

Advertising & Marketing Services

Impact Analysis

Business Administration

Supply chain & Operation assessment

Legal & Finance Services

IT Solutions

Measuring Impact

  • The British Council uses global evaluation tools to assess the overal impact of the programme
  • The British Council will design an M& framework to assess the programme impact through ongoing quarterly touch points
  • Entrepreneurs will be evaluated throughout the programme by the Hubs. This is done with performance evaluations and longitudinal studies
  • Lessons learnt would be captured through the feedback process and incorporated into future programmes


  • Attached is the operational budget for the British Council role in the Project
  • Proposed timelines for delivery also attached as a separate document
  • NEIP will be the programme lead of the work through the hubs
  • British Council will provide the framework fo training & incubation, ToT on using these frameworks, support basic entrepreneurship training and develop M&E framework
  • British Council will participate in the initial monitoring and quality assurance visits of the NEIP following which NEIP will solely deliver this work
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